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Friday, December 10, 2010

Of Ignorance and of Judgement, Part IV

          Before we conclude this series of blogs, we want to invite you to scroll down and click on the "XML" link just below the blog entry.  This should give you ease of access in reading this series from the very beginning, that you may be truly caught up to where we are now.
          There is something that you, as a new reader needs to know about this website.  We created this website after it was determined that not only could it not be proved that there was abuse to our son, but that our family was destroyed because of the allegations.  Our children were returned to us after an unprecedented SHORT time away because of this.  Our home was invaded regularly by TFI workers, our interactions inspected, to determine our, and our children's behavior around each other.  THEY determined that there was no abuse in our home.  Our girls were interrogated in a safety talk in which they weren't able to find any signs of abuse.   The detective in charge of our case dropped the case because he didn't believe there was any abuse.  The point is, THERE IS NOT, NOR WAS THERE EVER, ANY ABUSE IN OUR HOME!
          We were falsely accused of this, (and we believe) medical records were falsified to support their accusations because of a doctor's hurt pride in missing the brain bleed the first time.   (And just so you are aware, the gynocologist who brought Drake into the world has stated in writing that all the symptoms of a brain bleed were there from birth.  Why didn't they scan for them then?  Because they try to avoid exposing them to radiation when they're that young.)
          Having proved our innocence, and having been falsely accused, we know that we aren't the only ones out there in this same type of situation.  If you would take the time to read our newest link entry, there are statistics which show that the CPS system is responsible for way more harm to our children than their parents, in the US.  We created this website to find, help and inform those like us because the SRS system would have you believe that you are guilty until proved innocent.  They strip you of your constitutional rights as a human being, as a parent and as a free citizen.  These rights can be found in the 4th and 14th amendments, for those of you whom are curious.  
          We spent 13 months listening to people say they were our advocates, only to turn around and lie to us or misrepresent us.  Having been through the system, and knowing others who are going through the system, we know how they operate.  No matter the story of the family being accused, how "they" operate is always the same. 
          As such, we, as good Catholic people, can't stand by and allow for this to continue.  We, and this website, represent those whom are FALSELY ACCUSED of child abuse.  We carefully screen the people we invite to be part of our cause and do not, nor will we ever, support a known and/or convicted child abuser of any type.  For someone to say that we support child abusers only shows their true intelligence because nowhere do we ever say that this is our purpose.
          Our mission is to inform people in the hopes that we can ultimately get laws changed which will take away the discretionary laws that allow the SRS system to do what they want, when they want, without any repercussions.   If you would only take a moment and read through our Mission Statement, you would know this.
          So much has been said throughout this blog, but I hope that you are able to walk away with a little more knowledge (and feel more secure) about what we are trying to do.  We truly hope that you take a moment and put yourselves in our shoes.  This is not something that happens to any magically small amount of people.  There are more of us than you think.  The difference between our websites families and the ones whom aren't mentioned is that we aren't going to accept that our family was "given" back to us.  They shouldn't have been separated in the first place!  We are taking a stand against corruption and terrorism which exists IN OUR OWN government and our goal is to create a more lawful way for this branch of the government to do their work. 
          And just remember, if it ever happens to you.  If you ever find yourself in our shoes and are falsely accused of abusing your child, having no charges brought against you and are not being released from the system, remember that we will be here for you.  We will listen to your story and we will share as much of our hearts with you as we can in order to help you through this.  And, if you're willing to stand with us, share your story to help aid our cause.  We ARE Advocates for the Falsely Accused and we will not turn our backs to you.

Thank you and God Bless.

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